Dangers Of Dental Implants
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   Dangers of Dental Implants | Oral Surgery Risks

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Dental implants are a sure way to create a realistic smile when replacing teeth. The dental implants function almost exactly like real teeth and they feel like real teeth.

This is because the dental implants are mounted on a screw that is secured into the jaw bone, much like how real teeth are anchored to the jaw. These teeth can be popped on or off the screw for cleaning and care, ensuring the tooth looks good and is in good condition.

However, as with all things, there are some dangers of dental implants that people need to know about before they have the procedure done.

The anesthesia used for the procedure is one of the dangers of dental implants. There is always a risk that a person will not wake up from the sleep that they are put under. This risk is minimized by limiting the time of the surgery and determining if the individual has ever had any other problems with anesthesia. The doctors will also monitor the patientís vital signs during the surgery, watching for any signs of the body failing. These signs will include a drop in blood pressure, a drop in heart beats, a decrease of oxygen in the blood stream or complete cardiac failure. This is rare, but there is the risk of this happening when a patient is under anesthesia for dental implants.

There is also risk associated with the location of the dental implants. The dangers of dental implants increase the further back one requires the implants. There is a risk of hitting the mandible nerve if it is one of the molars that needs to be replaced. The dentist will do everything possible to avoid hitting the mandible nerve when installing dental implants. This will include identifying the nerve on the X-Ray machine and if possible, identifying the nerve in the jaw. There is a risk that this nerve will be damaged despite all of the precautions that the dentist will take, and this can result in pain or numbing in the jaw.
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